Native Lights Casino in Oklahoma Back in Business

Native Lights Casino in Oklahoma has returned to the gambling business. The federal regulatory agency has allowed the owners of Native Lights Casino, the Tonkawa tribe of Oklahoma, to reopen the casino.

The tribe had received the go signal from the National Indian Gaming Commission to reopen the casino after the Tonkawas had concurred to pay the fines and follow conditions set forth in their reopening agreement.

According to the statement of the National Indian Gaming Commission, the investigators sent from their office in Tulsa had conducted the inspection of the Native Lights casino, a Tonkawa run casino, at Newkirk

The investigators inspected the facility on the 6th of July and the decision was reach to allow the gaming facility to reopen.

Native Lights Casino at Kay Casino offers several hundred gambling machines.

Under the agreement with the National Indian Gaming Commission, the Tonkawas tribe will have to pay a one million dollars fine.

The casino should also no longer associate with Edward Street, the former manager of the tribe, who is currently under a federal investigation. Street is the brother of present president of Tonkawa, Anthony Street.

According to the Department of Treasury, the Tonkawas and the Edward Street have agreed to pay more than two million dollars in penalty for breaking the Bank Secrecy Act.