Best Place for Casino Games

Every casino on the Strip in Las Vegas, more or less, will claim to be the best place to play the most popular of table games, blackjack; however, you are best off heading Downtown Vegas to Binion's Horseshoe, which has the best combination of rules, and the most single-deck games. You can usually find one with a $5 minimum, and the easiest comps.

If you just want to play on the cheap, you should be able to find $1 blackjack on the Strip at the Sahara or Slots-o-Fun, and the El Cortez is among the very few casinos that offer $2 minimum single-deck blackjack.

For craps, head to Binion's Horseshoe in Downtown Vegas. It has the most tables with most rammin' and jammin' action, easy comps, and a longstanding reputation as the best craps joint in town.

Those on a budget have decent options. On the Strip, head to the Sahara for dollar craps with 5x odds. If you find yourself Downtown, the El Cortez offers 10x odds and $1 minimums. You can also find dollar minimum tables with 10x odds at local casino Boulder Station.

For Keno, the least of all evils might be the Gold Coast, or the Silverton, where the house advantage on the eight-spot tickets is a mere 25%, as opposed to closer to 30% at most other joints.

Binion's Horseshoe is the Caribbean stud location of choice, offering low minimums. There is no such thing as a Caribbean stud high-roller and usually, the highest progressive jackpot in town. For "Let it Ride", try O'Sheas, seen by many as the best place to play this high-house-edge and high-variance game, due to the low minimums offered.

The Monte Carlo is the best place in Vegas to play roulette. The wheels have but a single zero, which cuts the standard Vegas house advantage of 5.26% almost in half.

Low-stakes bettors unafraid of double-zero roulette should head for El Cortez or the Western, both Downtown, or Casino Royale on the Strip, where tokens are a quarter. The biscuit, though, is taken by the Klondlike, where you have to wager a total of 50 cents on each spin, but with a minimum bet per number of just a dime.

You'll find slots in every corner of Vegas. They are more or less unavoidable. Reliable statistics on whose slots are the loosest are notoriously impossible to find. However, a groundbreaking survey of the city's nickel slots carried out by Michael Shackleford, for Anthony Curtis's Las Vegas Advisor in 2002, ranked the Palms 93.42% payback, the Gold Coast 92.84%, and the Sahara 92.81%, as the top three Strip casinos, and Mandalay Bay 87.51%, the Bellagio 87.42%, and the Venetian 86.66%, as the three worst. Wherever you play, always insert your player's club card and be sure to make up for your mostly inevitable losses with free rooms, food and amenities.

In general, the best pay schedules and comp systems on video poker in Las Vegas are to be found at the locals' casinos. The Fiesta Rancho, and the Palms, are widely regarded as the best of the bunch.